Copying and Pasting Semantic Anchor URIs


Semantic Anchor URIs provide a powerful way to link content in any document or file format that supports HTML hyperlinks directly back to the business meaning in the Businesss Ontological/Terminological Dictioanry for a word or phrase or a design construct .  Clicking on the Semantic Anchor URI opens the terminological entry for the relevant meaning in a context where its semantic relations can be browsed.


To copy an automatically generated Semantic Anchor URI:

   - find the Semantic Anchor URI you need to paste into a document or file by opening Disambiguator™  Smart Glossary™; right click on the meaning of interest; click the  "Show Terminological Entry" menu item; select the whole word or phrase; and use CTRL+C or a "Copy" menu item.


To paste the copied Semantic Anchor URI into your document or file:

   - For HTML Editors: Simply Paste (CTRL+V or Paste menu item) the generated Semantic Anchor URI copied from the Terminological Entry.

   -  For Microsoft Word: To paste the full Semantic Anchor URI including the embeeded mouse-over definition, paste (at present) the generated Semantic Anchor URI copied from the Terminological Entry into an HTML version of the document; open the HTML file with MS Word; and Save as .DOCX.  To paste just the Semantic Anchor URI without the embeeded mouse-over definition directly into Word, use the "copy link" right mouse menu item in your browser to copy the Semantic Anchor URI from the Terminological Entry.  Then use the Word right mouse Hyperlink menu item to open the hyperlink edit window and paste the copied Semantic Anchor URI in the box at the bottom.

   - For Magic Draw: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

   - For Enterprise Architext: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

   - For others: Please Sign In to  Disambiguator™ and contact Support.