Copying and Pasting Semantic Anchor URLs


A Semantic Anchor is a URL that provides a powerful way to dynamically link a word, phrase or sentence, a document structure element, or a design element, contained in any document or file format that supports HTML hyperlinks, directly back to its business meaning in an unambiguous SBVR-based business glossary, such as Smart Glossary

Clicking on the Semantic Anchor opens the full glossary entry for the relevant meaning in a context where its semantic relations can be browsed.


To copy a Semantic Anchor URI automatically generated by Disambiguator:

·       Find the Semantic Anchor URI you need to paste into a document or file by opening Disambiguator™;

·       In the Meaning Explorer Right Click on the meaning of interest (in Meaning Diagrammer Left Click);

·       Click the  "Show Terminological Entry" menu item;

·       select the whole word or phrase at the bottom of the entry; and

·       Use CTRL+C or a "Copy" (not Copy Link) menu item.


To paste the copied Semantic Anchor URI into your document or file:

·       Simply set your cursor in any text area that supports HTML Hyperlinks where you want the Semantic Anchor to appear; and

·       Press CTRL+V or  Click a “Paste” (source formatting) menu item.


If you have any problem or question, please Sign-in to  Disambiguator™ and contact Support.